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Апартаменты Захра Бриз facts

Апартаменты Захра Бриз facts

Тип Недвижимости Квартира
Доступные Спальни Студия, 1, 2, 3Спальни
Цена от Аэд 729,888
Владение От Сентября 2018
Property Age 51
Диапазон Области 325 - 1420 Футы
Расположение Площадь Города Дубай

Town Square is thoughtfully crafted for every lifestyle, wether you're a young professional, growing family or established Dubai resident. Inspired by the liveliest quarters of the world’s greatest cities, Town Square is a vibrant community offering abundant amenities for healthy living and unceasing entertainment, and a vast choice of shopping with more than 600 retail outlets.

From Zahra Breeze Apartments, you will have the views over the beautifully landscaped park that leaves you to create your own leisure activities. The only limit is your imagination. The property consist of spacious studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments; Warda offers state-of-the-art facilities just a step away from your home.


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