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Лист Башни facts

Лист Башни facts

Тип Недвижимости Офис | Квартира | В розницу
Доступные Спальни 1, 2Спальни
Владение От Января 2018
Property Age 51
Диапазон Области 950 - 29062 Футы
Расположение Остров Аль Рим

Leaf Tower is located in Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE.Reem Island is the strategic location for business and leisure in the Emirate. The plant-like shape of the 227.85m-tall building is no coincidence, as the structure means it offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Leaf Tower is a 60 story commercial and residential units with basement floors, showrooms, 5 podium floors for parking, retail shops, luxurious lobby, swimming pool, tennis court, kid’s playground, and elegant outdoor and indoor restaurants.

The tower has a total of 396 apartments and each residential floor has luxurious 6 two-bedroom apartments and 12 one-bedroom apartments, while the office floors can accommodate up to 12 offices per floor.


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